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If you treated yourself to a new car this holiday season, be sure it's able to retain its value through the years. These tips are all you need to ensure you car retains its value.

How to Maintain the Value of Your Car

Whether you just bought a new car or are planning to sell yours soon, your car's value is probably something you've been thinking about. If you want to be sure you car is able to retain its value and sell for more later on, taking care of maintenance is a must. Don't too long before you start taking maintenance seriously since this can lead your car to lose value faster. Use the following tips to ensure your car stays at its best for a long time.

Store It Properly

Storing your car properly can help keep it safe from the corrosive outdoor elements. Although the sun and rain may seem harmless, they can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your car's paint and exterior. In fact, they can dull your car's paint and even lead to rust and corrosion. Before this has a chance to affect your car's body and its value, make space for it in your garage. Since a garage is fully covered, this will ensure your car isn't exposed to the elements all night or when it's not in use. If you don't have a garage, a covered parking spot or a car cover are other good options to consider.

Keep Maintenance Records

If you want your car to retain its value, keeping up with maintenance is a no-brainer. Even if you're great at taking care of all your car's weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance tasks, you'll need a way to prove this in the future. If you're trying to sell your car, simply telling potential buyers that you've never missed an oil change may not be enough to convince them. If you have the paperwork that proves it, however, then it's a different story. Not only will this give potential buyers more peace of mind, it can also ensure that your car is valued at what it's worth. Next time you get an oil change, be sure to keep proof of it stored at home for future purposes. Whether you just got a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls or a tuneup, be sure to keep your maintenance records for the future. Not sure why a synthetic oil change is an important part of maintaining your car in good shape? Contact Schell Distributing Inc. to learn about the importance of these. They can even recommend the right products for your next oil change, like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. To learn more, give them a call at (208)524-0322 or visit their online store for even more products.

Take Care of All Potential Issues

As you drive your car around, its bound to come across some issues eventually. Instead of ignoring a weird noise under the hood or not paying attention to a light that has just lit up on your dashboard, give these issues the attention they need. While these issues may not be a big deal yet, ignoring them can cause them to become serious and expensive to repair. Instead, get them taken care of when they're still small. Not only will this be easier on your wallet, it can also help your car stay in better shape and retain its value better.

Keep Your Car Clean

Even if you store your car in your garage, it's still going to need to get washed and cleaned regularly. Your garage may protect overnight, but if you use your car, it's going to get dirty. Not washing it and cleaning up the insides can lead to damage that can significantly reduce your car's price. Torn seat, a cracked dashboard, stained carpets, scratched paint, and worn paint can all cause potential buyers to lose interest, so don't let this become your car. Make time once a week to clean up the inside of your since spills and stains are bound to happen during your commute. Wash your car twice a month and don't forget to vacuum your seats and carpet as part of your wash. It's also a good idea to apply a protective wax layer over your paint to keep it protected from the elements.

Don't Forget to Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

To keep your car in the best shape, regular synthetic oil changes in Idaho Falls, ID are a must. To learn why these are so important, contact Schell Distributing Inc at (208)524-0322.

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