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Summer is a great time to take a road trip, but you want to be sure your car is ready for the long hours of driving. To avoid common road issues, check out these tips.

How to Avoid Common Car Troubles During the Summer

The summer weather makes it the perfect season to go out and enjoy the outdoors. If you've been saving money all year for the perfect road trip, the last thing you want to deal with is car issues. Before the heat causes trouble for you on the road, check out these tips that can help you avoid the most common summer road troubles.

Overheating Engine

Your engine works hard to keep your car moving, so it may come as no surprise that all that hard work adds up to extreme temperatures under the hood. While this is quite normal, if those temperatures go beyond their normal level, it can mean bad news for your engine. Overheating engines may be a more common occurrence during the summer, but this shouldn't be simply attributed to higher temperatures outdoors. While they can add to the problem, for your engine to overheat there needs to be preexisting issues in your cooling system. As your engine works to power your car, your cooling system works to keep temperatures at a reasonable level. This means that if there is an issue in your cooling system, temperatures under the hood will start to soar. Anything from a leak to a malfunctioning fan can lead to a series of issues, making it harder to keep your engine cool. Unfortunately, if your engine starts to overheat and you ignore it, this can lead to some serious and expensive engine damage. To prevent these issues from coming up this summer, keep an eye on your cooling system. Check on your coolant regularly and take note of its level. If you're running low regularly, you may have a leak. Look for other signs of a leak, such as a green liquid under your hood or a puddle under your car. Your motor oil can also have an effect on your engine's ability to stay cool. One of the many jobs your motor oil performs is reducing the heat around your engine. To ensure this process goes smoothly, give your vehicle a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls. A synthetic oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil can keep your engine in better shape for longer. If you need help finding the right oil for your car, contact Schell Distributing Incat (208)524-0322.

Flat Tires

It would be silly to think that flat tires only happen during the summer, but they may be more common during these months for a few reasons. There is always a risk that you may drive over a sharp object or through a serious pothole, but this can happen at any time during the year. However, the summer heat can contribute to other conditions, making your tires more susceptible to certain issues. For example, extreme heat can cause air to expand, which can then lead to overinflated tires. An easy way to keep your tire pressure at the proper level is by checking on it often. While you're checking your tire pressure, take a minute to inspect your tire tread as well. If it's looking quite worn, you may want to invest in a new set of tires. This is because your already worn tires combined with the extremely hot pavement can lead to even more tire damage. Don't forget to check on your spare tire

Air Conditioning Troubles

Many people think their air conditioning is just for comfort as they travel, but that isn't always the case. Have you ever driven through an extremely hot and dry road for hours? Without air conditioning and water, your body will start to feel the effects of the heat. Whether you're the driver or a passenger, this is no good. To avoid heat stroke and other heat-related issues, be sure to get your air conditioning serviced before taking any long trips in your car. Ideally, you should get your car serviced before the summer heat starts in order to avoid any discomfort but this isn't always possible. If your air conditioning isn't working at all or if it isn't as cold as it used to be, call your mechanic and set up an appointment as soon as possible. You may have a leak in the system or you may just need more refrigeration fluid. Either way, it's best to get it fixed before it turns into a serious issue.

Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

Prepare your car for summer with a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. Contact the synthetic oil experts at Schell Distributing Inc by giving them a call at (208)524-0322. You can also visit their online shop for a full range of their AMSOIL Oil products.

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