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Most people have heard of an oil filter, but did you know your car has other filters it needs to perform well? Learn more about them in this post.

Understand Your Vehicle's Filters

For vehicle owners trying to learn a bit more about how their car works, a lesson on filters is a must. These parts aren't usually something car owners think about often, but knowing what they do can help you maintain them in better condition. Before your filters have a chance to get clogged, check out this information.

What Does the Air Filter Do?

In order for your vehicle to continue running, combustion must take place in the engine. To ensure the combustion process goes smoothly, the air taken into the engine must be clean. This is where the air filter comes in. This part is located in your engine and its main job is to filter out dust, dirt, and other particles that can negatively affect the quality of the air being taken into the engine. Air filters can be made out of different materials including paper, foam, and cotton. Depending on the material your is made of, you may be able to clean it and keep using it before finally replacing it. It's generally recommended that you change the air filter every year, but if you tend to drive through very dusty areas or heavily polluted locations, you should replace it more often. Keep in mind that driving around with a dirty air filter will negatively affect combustion and can have negative effects on your fuel efficiency and engine health.

Understand Your Oil Filter

Most vehicle owners have at least a basic understanding of their motor oil and why it needs to be replaced. However, many don't know why their oil filter is so important or even what role it plays in their engine's health. Like the air filter, your oil filter is also located in the engine. Its main job is to filter out particles that can contaminate your oil, causing your oil to get dirty faster. If your oil filter is full, it won't be able to perform its function well, leaving you with dirty oil that will need to be changed more often. It's a good idea to get your oil filter changed every time you get your oil changed in order to keep your oil cleaner for longer. There are tons of different oil filters on the market, so make sure to do a bit of research before deciding which one will be best for your car. Before giving your can oil change, be sure you understand the benefits of getting a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls. An oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil can keep your engine better protected for longer. Find more synthetic oils like this by contacting Schell Distributing Incat (208)524-0322. They will be happy to help you find a great oil for your engine.

Why You Need a Clean Fuel Filter

Did you know that your fuel gets filtered in your vehicle's engine? When you pump fuel into your car, whether petroleum or diesel, it gets filtered in order to remove impurities. Cars that run on petroleum have a fuel filter that removes impurities like dirt that may be present in the fuel. If your fuel gets full or clogged, your fuel will have a harder time making it to your engine. Diesel engines have a fuel filter that works a little bit differently. A diesel fuel filter helps remove water that can cause corrosion in the engine. Either way, it's important that you keep your fuel filter clean and change it before it has a chance to negatively affect your car's condition and performance.

The Importance of a Cabin Air Filter

Your car has another type of air filter that has nothing to do with combustion processes. The cabin air filter help removes contaminants from the air that enters your vehicle's cabin. If you've ever wondered how that air you're breathing inside your car stays so clean when the air outside is so dusty, it's all due to your cabin air filter. It's a good idea to change this filter yearly or more often if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

If it's time for your next oil change, be sure it's a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. Find the perfect products for your engine by contacting Schell Distributing Inc at (208)524-0322. You can also browse a full range of AMSOIL Oil products by visiting their online shop.

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