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During the winter, the cold is no joke. Your car's battery, unfortunately, will feel the cold and even suffer as a result of it. To help ease the strain on your battery a bit, use these tips.

Tips to Make Caring for Your Car Battery Easy This Winter

You may have heard that the winter cold can take a toll on your car's battery. This is in fact true, so it's worth taking the proper precautions to ensure your battery makes it through the winter. To take proper care of it this winter, use these tips.

Check on Your Battery

Ideally, you should check on your battery before the winter months arrive. By checking on your battery's voltage in the fall, you'll give yourself enough time to change it before the serious cold weather arrives. Since the cold is what adds extra strain to your battery, checking on your battery before conditions are freezing will be in your best interest. Most batteries last up to five years, and many don't give much of a warning before they die. In some cases, your battery may show signs of trouble, like issues starting, which will be a clear indicator of trouble. Either way, if your battery is nearing the five-year mark, it's best to get it tested before it leaves you stranded on a snowy road.

Clean up Your Battery

Part of the reason your battery has such a hard time in the winter is because of the added strain caused by the cold. It can take a lot more power to get your engine going, and then add to that keeping your lights on, blasting the radio, and turning on the HVAC system. To reduce some of the strain, you'll want to ensure your battery is properly connected and doesn't have any unnecessary trouble getting power to the parts it supplies. To ensure this all goes smoothly, it can help to clean your battery's connections. Remove any buildup you see on its connections, including rust, dirt, and other debris. After this, ensure that your cables are tightly connected so that your battery doesn't struggle.

Keep Your Car out of the Cold

If you're feeling the freezing temperatures, imagine how your car is feeling! It spends all day outdoors, so there's no doubt it's feeling the effects of the winter weather. This excessive cold can lead to a battery that wants to quit. Do your best to keep it out of the cold as much as you can. For example, if you have a garage at home, use this to park your car overnight. Keeping it indoors overnight will help keep your battery warmer, making it easier to start your car in the morning. If you don't have an indoor space for your car, a car cover can help keep some of the cold off of it. You may not realize it, but a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls ID can also help reduce some of the strain on your battery. Using a synthetic oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil will ensure your engine is working at its best, reducing the demand on your battery. To find more products like this, contact Schell Distributing Inc. at (208)524-0322. You can also check out their products in their online shop.

Be Patient

When you get in your car and turn on the ignition, you may automatically turn on your car's lights, turn up the radio, and start fidgeting with your HVAC system. This can put a lot of demand on your battery, which is just starting. Instead of pushing it to its max right away, allow your battery to turn on and start charging. After a few seconds, go ahead and turn on your lights and turn up the heat since you'll need these to stay safe on the road. As you get ready to drive away, take it slow at first. This will allow you to be on your way as your car starts to warm up. Once your battery is going strong and your engine is at its ideal operating temperature, you're good to cruise at your preferred speed.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID This Winter

Have a great winter with the help of a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. The friendly oil pros at Schell Distributing Inc will be more than happy to help you find a great oil for your next oil change. To learn more about their products, give them a call at (208)524-0322. You can also contact them to place an order!

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