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Now that summer is over, you may be enjoying the cooler fall weather. However, with these seasonal changes, you'll also have to be on the lookout for changes on the road. Stay safe with these tips.

Fall Road Dangers to Look out For

The fall is a great season between that offers a break from the summer heat. As temperatures start to cool off, however, this can also mean tons of changes on the road. To keep you and your passengers safe this season, be wary of these fall road changes.

Cooler Temperatures

Early fall may not be as cold as it gets, but you'll definitely feel at least a slight drop in outdoor temperatures compared to summer. This drop in the temperature may not seem like a big deal, but it can affect your car. To start, the colder temperatures your car will experience in the chilly mornings and nights when the sun is not around can lead to changes in your tire pressure. The cold temperatures can cause the air pressure in your tires to drop, leaving them underinflated. This, of course, can lead to reduced fuel efficiency and can also negatively affect your maneuverability. Do your best to stay on top of this and keep your tire pressure at the right level. Another thing to look out for is frost on your car's windows, especially in the mornings. Give yourself extra time to get the frost cleared away so that you aren't rushing to work and stressing out in rush hour traffic.

Slick Roads

The frost, dew, and rain that are common in the fall can lead to slick and slippery roads. As mentioned earlier, keeping your tires properly inflated can help you have better control and grip as the roads start to get slick. Keep in mind that even if it isn't raining hard yet, the first rain of the season can still be dangerous. These light rain patches can pick up the oil that has accumulated on the road during the summer months, contributing to the slickness. Until this washes away, these light rain patches can turn into a real danger. A synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls ID can keep your engine running at its best this fall. Using an oil like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil can keep your car running strong no matter what season it is. To learn more about the benefits of using synthetic oil, contact Schell Distributing Inc. at (208)524-0322. For even more great products for your car, check out their online store.

Leaves and Other Debris

One of the best parts of fall is getting to watch the leaves change colors. As they do this, they also tend to fall off trees and accumulate into piles on sidewalks and roads. These may not seem like a big deal, but they can lead to serious trouble. Avoid driving over piles of leaves since you don't know what may be just beneath them. A pothole or even something that can puncture your tire can cause serious damage to your car all because you drove over some leaves. Keep in mind that wet leaves can also be extremely slippery and can cause your tires to lose grip of the road completely.

Driving in the Dark

Daylight savings can mean more hours spent driving in the dark. This may not sound dangerous because you already drive in the dark on occasion, but the difference is the amount of traffic you will have to deal with before the sun is out. Driving to work in the morning in the dark can be even more stressful as it's harder to see other drivers, pedestrians, school children, and bikers. In the evenings, your drive home after work will be tougher because of the sun glare common during rush hour in the fall. Because the sun will be right in your eyes or hitting your rearview mirror, it can be extremely hard to see oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and even streetlights. Be sure to carry sunglasses in your car so you have an easier time seeing during in these conditions.

Keep Your Engine Running Strong With a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

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