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Use these tips to help you successfully deal with an overheating engine this summer.

What to Do When Your Engine Is Overheating

An overheating engine can strike at any moment, but the scorching summer temperatures can make it much worse. Use these tips to be as prepared as possible on the summer roads, and keep your engine in the best condition possible.

Understand the Signs of Overheating

If you've never experienced an overheating engine, you most likely don't know what signs to look out for. One of the first indicators that lets you know your engine is getting too hot is your temperature gauge. If you notice the needle is moving past its center point and heading closer and closer to the H, your engine is heating up! Unless your car has had issues overheating in the past, we don't usually pay too much attention to this indicator, so it may be hard to spot. Another way your dashboard will let you know there is an issue is by lighting up its temperature warning light or coolant light. This will let you know your coolant is low, which will cause your engine to heat up past its ideal point. Finally, if you see steam coming out from under your hood, it's clear that there is an issue. Don't ignore these signs, and instead take action right away.

Stop as Soon as Possible

If any of the previously mentioned signs have alerted you that there is a heat issue under your hood, pull over right away. Turning off your engine will help stop the production of heat and will allow your engine to cool before it suffers damages. If you're stuck in stop and go traffic or simply can't pull over right away, there are other things you can do to help your engine. Start by turning off the air conditioning and switch over to your heater. Roll down your windows and point the vents towards them in order to let the heat escape your vehicle. While this might feel brutal for you and your passengers, it will allow heat to escape from the engine and into the cabin, helping to release some of the heat. Avoid stepping on the brake and try to cruise at a steady speed before pulling over. If you drive a hotrod, your engine may not have a great heat management system. Use these tips to keep your engine cooler.

Pop Open the Hood

Once you've managed to safely pull over, turn the engine off. If your car has a lever in the cabin to pop open the hood, go ahead and do that. Don't prop open the hood right away since it might be quite hot and can burn you. If your car doesn't have a way to open the hood from inside the cabin, wait until things cool down before touching anything. If your car is steaming, definitely wait it out and consider calling a tow truck. Coolant isn't the only fluid that helps keep temperatures manageable. A synthetic oil can also help keep friction and heat to a minimum under the hood. Find the perfect AMSOIL synthetic oil for your vehicle by contacting Schell Distributing Inc at (208)524-0322Their experts can recommend the perfect products to keep your engine happy this summer.

Open the Hood and Radiator

Once you've waited a bit and your engine has been allowed to cool, go ahead and prop open the hood. This will allow your engine to cool down faster so that you can start looking for the issue. You may be tempted to open the radiator or coolant reservoir, but if these are still hot they can cause serious burns. Hot steam or liquid may pour out of the reservoir because of the heat trapped inside, so be as careful as possible.

Check Your Coolant

Once you have the hood open, it'll be quite easy to figure out if there is a leak. If your coolant is leaking, you may notice a bright green puddle under your car or bright green liquid under your hood. Whether or not a coolant leak is visible, check the reservoir to see how much is still left. You may simply be running low and need to top it off. If you don't have any coolant in your trunk, you can use water for now, but be sure to fill up the reservoir with the right liquid later on. To find all the products you need to take care of your vehicle, head over to AMSOIL's online shop.

Figure Out the Problem

After taking care of the issue, you need to figure out the cause behind it. If your coolant level was low, there is likely a leak somewhere in the cooling system. If there is no leak, then you're probably dealing with a mechanical or electrical issue, such as a malfunctioning fan or water pump. Get the problem fixed before getting back on the road. It also helps to be prepared for future problems by carrying extra coolant in your car and keeping your car fully maintained. There are many reasons a car may overheat. This post can help you understand what is causing your car's issues.

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