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Whether you're going on a road trip or heading out to visit friends, there are some things you should always carry in your car in case of an emergency. To help you be prepared, check out these tips.

What You Should Always Carry in Your Car

No one wants to deal with car troubles, but sometimes they come up at the most inconvenient moments, like on your commute to work. To prevent minor roadside issues from turning into a bigger deal, be prepared to tackle them. To make this easier, be sure to always carrying the following in your trunk.

A Spare Tire and Tools to Change It

If you get a flat tire while out on the road, you'll have to rely on your spare tire to get you to safety or to a tire shop. Many people know they have a spare in their trunk but they never check on it. Unfortunately, this often leads to people realizing that their spare tire isn't ready for use right when they need it. Your spare tire can lose air pressure or get damaged without you ever noticing it, leaving you without the spare you were counting on. Instead of just making sure your tire is still in your trunk, make some time to check on it. Don't forget to ensure that you also have the right tools to change a tire should one of your tires go flat next time you're on the road.

A Small Tool Kit

Emergencies can strike at any moment and you can't be sure that you'll always be close to a gas station or mechanic. This is why carrying a small tool kit in your car is a must. You may not be a mechanic, but some items can help you keep your car running until you make it closer to civilization. Simple things like work gloves, a flashlight, pliers, a screwdriver, duct tape, and an air pressure gauge can all come in handy and aren't hard to use items. During extreme weather seasons like winter, seasonal items like an ice scraper or a collapsable shovel can be lifesavers. An emergency kit is also a great idea because it can help you get out of many sticky situations.

Fluids for Your Car

Your car may be running great one second and then start flashing its coolant light at you the next. Ignoring a dashboard light can lead to more trouble, so do your best to be prepared for what your car is telling you. Beyond knowing what each light means, it's also a good idea to carry extra fluid in your trunk. If you start to run low on oil, coolant, brake fluid, or even windshield washer fluid, having a small reserve in your trunk can make all the difference. Of course, it also helps to know where these go and how much of each your car needs. To avoid issues on the road, be sure to keep up with your car's maintenance schedule, this includes synthetic oil changes and tune ups. If you're not sure why getting a synthetic oil change is so important, contact Schell Distributing Inc. for more information. They'll be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil for your next oil change. Give them a call at (208)524-0322 or visit their online store for more information.

Jumper Cables

A dead battery isn't the kind of surprise you want to discover in the parking lot after work, but it also isn't the end of the world. If your battery dies out, having jumper cables in your trunk can help you get out of this tricky situation. Jumper cables are relatively inexpensive and with the help of another motorist, can help your battery come back to life. You can also invest in a portable jump starter which can jump start your car all on its own. Of course, you'll need to know how to use whatever item you chose to carry in your car in order to keep things safe and prevent damaging your car further.

Your Owner's Manual

Your owner's manual is full of tons of valuable information that can help get you out of a jam. Let's say your car is suddenly low on coolant and you have some in your trunk but you don't know where the radiator is. Your owner's manual can help you identify it and can let you know how to operate it. Beyond that, be sure to also have your mechanic's information on hand as well as your car insurance information.

Keep Your Car Protected With a Synthetic Oil Change in Idaho Falls, ID

Keep your car running smoothly with the help of a synthetic oil change in Idaho Falls, ID. To find the right products for your next oil change, contact Schell Distributing Inc at (208)524-0322 for the personalized service you need.

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